En iransk familie på Lillehammer på 1990-tallet.



An Iranian family comes to Norway and Lillehammer during the early 90s. The family is welcomed with open arms by a population preparing for the '94 Winter Olympics. But once the games end and the city turns back to its old self, people are no longer as friendly as they seemed. 1994 is a dark comedy about xenophobia, culture and how to cope in a new country.

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Format 35mm

Length in min's 29'

Language: Persian, Norwegian

Subtitles: English

Dariush: Aziz Khatari

Nasi: Nahid Ruhi

Siamak: Mehdi Shadidi

Bente: Trine Grønvold

Peyman: Amir Asgharnejad

Parisa: Bahar Ruhi

NAV employee: Nina Thommesen

Mehran: Mehran Movahed Panahi Shariat

Dariush's father: Abdulla Günes

Director: Kaveh Tehrani

Screenplay: Kaveh Tehrani

DoP: Jens Ramborg

Camera: Håvard Byrkjeland

Audun G. Magnæs

Editor: Christian Siebenherz

Composer: Nicholas Sillitoe

Production Designer: Astrid Strøm Astrup, Ola Martin Fjeld

Set Designer: Kathrine Solhoff

Prop Master: Ola Martin Fjeld

Costume Designer: Maria Bergren

Make-up Artist: Maria Bergren

Sound Designer: Peter Clausen

Sound Recording: Marianne Bakke, Richard Sveen, Jesper Miller

Casting: Marte Granaasen Fougner