Må verdenshistorien skrives om?

Shakespeares skjulte koder


Norwegian explorer Petter Amundsen claims to have found unquestionable steganographic clues in the two most important Shakespeare editions, revealing that a shady group called the Rosicrucians were using these publications to hide secret messages, in order to reveal the precise location of a vault.
Few documentary films can honestly boast the promise of delivering shocking discovery with far-reaching consequences. This film does exactly that. Petter Amundsen unveils what could be a treasure map hidden in Shakespeare’s works. The story evolves into a road movie leading to Oak Island; the fabled treasure island just south of Halifax. This is a true film-as- you-go documentary, following the sceptical Robert Crumpton, PhD, who travels to Norway in order to knock a bit of sense into Amundsen’s head.

Language: English

Format :HD

Duration: 100 min or 3x44 min

Budget: 540.000 €

Director: Jørgen Friberg

Producer: Kjell Eriksen

Producers Company: Videomaker